Employment Services for Business

Our Employment Department works closely with their business clients to ensure they are made aware of latest developments in areas such as: redundancy and business reorganisation; unfair dismissal; discrimination; and maternity, paternity and parental issues.

We can assist your business by providing up to date employment contracts, Staff Handbooks and advice on such things as recruitment, disciplinary and grievance policies to name just a few of the areas we deal with.

For senior executives we can also provide Director’s Service Contracts together with comprehensive Non-Competition covenants.

We also represent Employers in the Employment Tribunal should your business have the misfortune of a claim being brought by an Employee. 

With the rights available to employees and workers and the obligations on employers constantly changing we also encourage our business clients to discuss matters with us before taking action to ensure they comply with their obligations thus avoiding unnecessary claims. In this regard we can offer ongoing telephone advice and support whenever needed.