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Every occupier of land and buildings whether it is at home, shop, offices, public transport, leisure clubs, parks and factories has a duty to take care for visitor’s safety.

Public liability is when someone hurts themselves because another person or group has neglected their duty.

If you have had an accident that isn’t your fault in a public place then you may be entitled to claim compensation.  Common types of claims are slipping and tripping and falling over obstructions.  To get compensation you must prove that someone was to blame.  It sounds simple, but ask an expert.

Slip and Trip

Slipping on grapes in the fruit and vegetable section to slipping on spillages we have handled many cases.

Whilst procedures should be in a place to ensure these types of accidents do not happen, in our experience they happen all too frequently.

Budgeting cuts by Councils mean that unfortunately pavements fall into complete disrepair and if you trip over a defect it is possible to claim compensation.

Even in the office, tripping over wires or untidy papers in the offices is also too common.  There are many hidden dangers even in well run offices let alone untidy offices.

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