Why come to us?

Our staff are very experienced in drafting Wills and dealing with estates.  In choosing the right person to draw up your Will and deal with your estate you could be saving yourself and your family a large amount of money.  Our professionals understand the intricacies of Wills and Inheritance Tax planning and can draw on many years experience to provide our clients with the best advice to suit their situation.


It is easy to put off making a Will so why is it so important to make one?  Many people under-estimate the importance of a Will and look for the cheapest solution.  If you want to ensure that on your death your assets pass as you wish then you need to have proper advice and a well drafted Will.
If you already have a Will, does it need up-dating as circumstances change and so does the law.  We also give advice on Living Wills/Advance Directives.


"Probate" is a mysterious word that causes confusion to many people.  Let us unravel the mystery for you in simple terms.
An executor of a deceased person's estate is in a position of responsibility and executorship can be a burden for the layman in today's legal jungle.  There will usually be tax consequences on an estate in relation to income tax and/or inheritance tax and the executor is answerable to H M Revenue & Customs.  Even if you are not an executor you may still need some advice on an estate and we are here to help.

Intestacy (Dying without a Will)

Without leaving a Will your assets will not automatically pass to your spouse or partner - your estate will be governed by the Intestacy Rules.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is very relevant both to Wills and Probate - do you fully understand this Tax or do you want to know more?

Affairs Work for Elderly Clients

We are here to help and guide you with your financial matters if it all becomes too much for you, whether through ill health or frailty.

Lasting Powers of Attorney and Powers of Attorney

If you were to have an accident or suffer an illness that made it difficult or impossible for you to sign your name or deal with your financial or welfare matters this may cause difficulties with a number of daily tasks that we tend to take for granted.  Lasting Powers of Attorney/Powers of Attorney are not just for the elderly - in fact everyone should have one.


If you have not made a Lasting Power of Attorney and should at some stage find yourself with an impaired mental ability to deal with your financial affairs then the appointment by the Court of a Deputy to act on your behalf is the only route.  This is much more expensive than a Lasting Power of Attorney and more complex as the person appointed to act as the Deputy is answerable to the Court more directly so your family have less freedom to manage your affairs.  Do you know what is involved in taking on the onerous task of Deputyship