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If you or a member of your family has been unfortunate enough to have been involved in a road traffic accident, through no fault of your own, we should be able to help you.  We are able to advise whether you were on foot, in a car, motorbike or bicycle and whether it is a simple bruising and whiplash or a more serious injury we can offer advice and assistance to ensure you obtain the correct compensation.

Motor Bike Accidents

Being on two wheels makes it harder to descend and this often leads to serious injury.  If you are involved in a motorbike accident you will need prompt and efficient help and attention.  You will possibly need to replace your motorcycle if it has been badly damaged.  Often medical treatment and even assistance with your insurance claim can be a nightmare to understand.  We are here to help.

Everyone knows that when one is hit by a car, damage can be serious and when you are involved in a n accident most people can tell when somebody is at fault.  However, motorcycles are also vulnerable to the roads themselves.  Defective roads, potholes, ineffective repairs of road, objects left on the highway, diesel spillages, shedding tyres, objects literally that have fallen off the back of a lorry, all can cause serious damage to the two wheeled motorist.  One that most motorcyclists are aware of is the age old problem of over banding and how your tyres can slip and slither on that nightmare piece of tar.  Remember if it’s in the road and the defect is up or lower than an inch you should have a good claim.  Photos are very important before someone comes along and mends it and says it didn’t exist!

Pedal Cycle Accidents

Being on two wheels make it harder to be seen and all too often not being seen leads to a serious injury by being knocked off your bicycle.  How many times do you seen open doors in the path of cyclists who have to swerve and they go head over heels.

Apart from that, maintenance of the highway with local authorities under pressure to cut their budgets is a problem and there are now more potholes, unsatisfactory repairs and differing surface all that can impede a cyclist rather more than the four wheel user.

If you come off you come off your bike it may well be somebody’s fault – even the governments for cutting expenditure.


Whiplash is the most common form of injury in motoring and road traffic accidents.  The whiplash injury is what one would describe as a modern injury and can be a minor irritant or very serious with debilitating consequences.  It is worthwhile remember though without a seatbelt you could well of ended up through the windscreen and splattered across the bonnet and it would be the next of kin instructing us, not yourself.

Whiplash is a term used to describe injuries cause to the neck by sudden movement of the head either backwards, forwards or sideways.  The movement, in effect, takes the framework of the spine beyond its natural limits with the vertebrae.  The shock absorbers of the spine and neck can be torn, ruptured or bulged and muscles, ligaments and tendons may all be damaged and just one can cause extraordinary pain.

The symptoms that can be associated with this kind of injury are neck pain, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, pain, pins and needles, numbness to the shoulder, legs and knees and also lower back pain.  Some symptoms may not appear for weeks or months but one sure thing is that every injury to every person is different.

Are you Shell Shocked?

People involved in traumatic incidents will experience a certain amount of shock but you may not be affected permanently.  However, it is possible that you may suffer a severe emotional reaction to such an event and this used to be called shell-shock.  These days the condition is better known as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The symptoms include flashbacks, nightmares, difficulty sleeping, muscle tension, avoidance techniques and avoidance of the source of the trauma.  There can also be feelings of grief, anger, depression and extreme anxiety.  These symptoms can be invasive and cause problems with all walks of a person’s life including work, family and friendships.  Symptoms can appear at any time and appear weeks or months after the event.  One must be wise to this.  Do not hide from it.  Seek help from the professionals and hopefully it will not only be able to compensate you for this most unspoken about subject but also put you on the road to recovery.

Compensation can be claimed and effective treatment can be arranged to help.

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