Sporting Injuries

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Exercise through sport is thought to be beneficial to fitness and health.  However, sport can also be the cause of many debilitating injuries.

Sport, due to its physical nature, makes it a risk.

Whilst we all accept the normal risks may mean you are injured, a lot of sports injuries that are sustained are not the fault of the person playing but could be the fault of others.  An over-zealous tackle, faulty machine all can lead to disastrous consequences, not only injury but threatening your livelihood.  In law a reckless challenge can mean that somebody is responsible as it goes beyond the normal risk which is acceptable to people.  Remember also that all sports clubs, leagues and clubs will have insurance and it is for the specific purpose of protecting the individual that such insurance is taken out. 

So, do not think ‘I won’t bother because I don’t know who to sue and if I sue who is going to pay…’

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